“I met with Michael Quirke regularly for about a year. In every session he listened attentively and with patience, showing genuine interest in my well-being. His warmth and calm enabled me to feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings.

Minds, like fingerprints, are unique, and so are the experiences and issues that each person brings to therapy. Michael quickly grasped my situation and taught me the skills I needed. They have proved to be valuable in many and unexpected ways. I first consulted Michael due to months of insomnia; with his help I was sleeping well after just two sessions and felt fully cured within a month. Through gentle and artful questioning, Michael enabled me to recognize emotional blocks that had lingered for years. Removing them has given me more confidence in dealing with stresses of the present. We also talked about my career, which had reached a plateau. Through conversation with Michael it became clear that I should not apply for a particular position. This left me available for the right one when it came along later a few months later.

For years I was wary of therapy after a fruitless time with a psychiatrist. I’m very glad that I took a chance on it again, and that I chose Michael Quirke. I warmly recommend him to people seeking a skilled and sensitive therapist”.

-M.   San Mateo



“Your group was a lifesaver for me.   When I first began meeting with you, I was stressed out and frustrated with trying to balance kids, husband and a high octane career.  My husband and I can actually talk productively now.  That was somethings we had not been able to do for way too long.  Things are so much better now”

-P  Burlingame


“My husband is a different person!  Well, actually he’s back to the guy he used to be when we first met.  He is so much more patient and loving than he was for a while.  The impatience and the arguing are a thing of the past.  Your work with him helped.  He is much calmer now and we are so much happier together”

-L.  San Francisco



“I wanted to let you know that your group has made celeb sextapes a difference in my life.  When I was in it, I really liked it.   But now that 4 years have passed, I see that it really made a bigger impact on my than I knew at the time.   I am able to handle things that used to set me off.  My life is better because I am happier and so much less reactive than I used to be.   You helped me get perspective and not let all the little things ruin everything that I have to be greatful for”

P.   Marin


“I want to thank you for the care you have shown with me.   You know that I have had a lot of counseling before working with you.  It always helped me somewhat.   It helped me cope, but it didn’t really help me change very much.   Now I get what is really going on when and why I am so upset.   I can actually see a way out.  That’s new for me.   I’m so much less angry than I was before.   I used to be in denial because I was so disconnected from myself.  Now I always know what’s happening with me and it has made me feel so hopeful.   I think a lot about our sessions and my relationship with my son and daughter are close because of our sessions.”

F.  Palo Alto


“My husband insists that I continue to meet with you.  He is seeing such a relief in our relationship since we began our sessions.   He always says “You should talk to Michael about this”.   Even if he didn’t insist, I would come because it has really helped :).   It’s a shocker to see how I contribute to the conflict in our family.  Who knew?  I swore that it was all him, but the good part is now I can do something because I’m playing my part too.  I’m feeling so much more hopeful because I used to say “that’s me I can’t change”.  Now I know that’s b—–.

A.    San Mateo


“Thank you!   Dr._____ was right when he referred me to you.    I feel so much better after talking to you.  My depression has lifted.   15 years of anti depressants didn’t do that for me.  I just wish I hadn’t been so stubborn and called you five years ago when he first gave me your card.

S.  San Francisco


“My husband talks gently to me now.  For the past decade I was telling him to stop being being mean to me.  Then I would freeze him out.  He had no clue what I was talking about and I gave up trying to reach him.  Because we trusted you we both made some changes. You helped us get through to each other.   Now we get what each other is saying.  I have the confidence to talk directly now instead of freezing him out.  Because I know how to talk to him, he actually responds to me!”

K  Palo Alto


“I was so nervous and was convinced even if I got in, I was going to be thrown out of grad school for being an imposter.    I just received my Ph.d.  and haven’t had a panic attack in two years.  I even gave a presentation to the the board of directors for_______ and it was fun.   I couldn’t have imagined this was even possible because for twenty years, I was filled with fear and self consciousness all the time.   It’s kind of surreal that it’s over. Thank you.

H.   San Francisco