Overcome Anxiety and Reclaim Your Confidence

Anxiety Counseling

Do You:

  • Get stuck in “worry mode”
  • Live with a tense body and racing mind
  • Feel “jumpy”, “on edge” or “stressed”
  • Freeze when it’s time to act or speak
  • Dwell on “what ifs” and “worst case scenarios”
  • Avoid people or situations that unsettle you

If so, you are in good company.

San Francisco Anxiety Counseling San Mateo

Over 35% of the U.S. population struggles with anxiety at some point during their lives.

Sadly, some people struggle alone for years without ever discovering how to stop fear, worry and anxiety from snatching their peace of mind.

San Francisco Anxiety Counseling San Mateo

Where does Anxiety comes from?

Anxiety is a natural human emotion that serves to keep us safe.  But there are a few common life experiences that can set the stage for chronic problems with anxiety.

  • Overwhelming celebrity sex tapes life stress
  • Perfectionism
  • Criticism/Shame
  • A history of being bullied
  • Being raised by an anxious or angry parent
  • Feeling isolated
  • Trauma History

These experiences can all shape our brains and sculpt our nervous systems.

When anxiety or fear grip us, confidence can plummet.  Anxiety can deplete your self esteem.

We can keep worrying about things despite knowing it does no good or knowing  that events are out of our control.  The stress that we put ourselves though can then begin to wear down our body and mind.  Then, you might find yourself trying to avoid people and situations that make you nervous.

There are proven skills you can learn to feel more secure, more confident and more capable.

San Francisco Anxiety Counseling San Mateo

Specialized Anxiety Recovery Approaches

A holistic, mind body approach is key to anxiety recovery. Anxiety doesn’t just happen in “our minds”  it happens in our bodies and brains too. Traditional “talk therapy” helps a lot of people,  but learning practical mind/body skills can speed up your recovery anxiety. The approaches I use are based on the latest neuroscience research. The most up to date scientific insight tells us that the treatment of anxiety can be maximized by including awareness of the body in psychotherapy.

Encouraging News About Recovering From Anxiety

Many people who struggle with anxiety learn to find confidence and peace of mind.  With the right skills, you can liberate yourself from chronic anxiety, worry and tension. Research shows that counseling is extremely effective for getting past anxiety. In fact, a 1994 Consumer Reports study showed that 90% of consumers reported significant long lasting improvement as a result of their counseling. Counseling can help you learn skills to:

  • Act effectively action towards your goal
  • Speak with and feel confidence
  • Clear your mind and calm your body
  • Free yourself of unhealthy worry
  • Experience confidence about yourself and your abilities
  • Enjoy social settings
  • Confidently rely on your skills, not just on pills
  • Put your fears in their proper place

And more good news about anxiety:

  • You don’t have to go through this  alone.
  • You can teach you your body and mind to be calmer.
  • There are keys tools and strategies that can relieve your anxiety

Learn the latest neuroscience -based anxiety reduction skills.


What’s different from other approaches to therapy?

  • Anxiety treatment works especially well when it incorporates a holistic, integrative, and science- based approach. That’s how I work.
  • Neuroscientifically based inteverentions
  • 14 years of advanced clinical training and practice shape my approach
  • Collaboratively designed therapy.   We decide goals and approaches together
  • Skills based and depth oriented.  Most therapists favor one or the other.   I integrate both because it works better. This means that you can find relief and get to the roots of the problem.

Move beyond anxiety, stress, fear and worry, call now to get started!

Hi, my name is Michael G. Quirke.   As a professional counselor, and workshop facilitator, I have taught many clients how to uncover the natural confidence that lies underneath feelings of anxiety and insecurity.  I’d love to talk with you to see if I might be able to help you!

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