Are You Paralyzed By Anxiety?


If so, it probably feels like the grip it holds on you will never be released.

As an anxiety therapist, I help people like you overcome:

  • chronic worry 
  • fear 
  • panic attacks.

If you are like many of my counseling clients you are a good person who has struggled with worry for far too long. You’ve reached a point where you want the help of a therapist.


You’re ready to move on in your life…to be free of anxiety.


Do any of these sound like you?


  • You are a chronic worrier. You can’t stop thinking about what might go wrong. Your head is full of fears that just won’t stop.
  • You avoid social situations because you don’t know what to say. You might be terrified of speaking in fear of being rejected.
  • You have chosen a job where you don’t have to interact with people all the time.
  • You focus on the negative all the time. You know you shouldn’t… but you just can’t help it.
  • You feel insecure, perhaps unworthy of people’s attention. You constantly criticize yourself for what you’ve done…or what you didn’t do. You strive for perfection, but fall short every time.
  • Sometimes your fears are so intense that you’re heart races and you feel panicky…it can be so strong you feel as though you are going to die.
  • You’re just too sensitive…but you don’t know how to be any other way.
  • You might also suffer from depression because you are tired of the struggle…you feel trapped and hopeless.
  • You feel alone…like you are not welcome in the world. No one seems to understand.


If you can relate to at least some of the above, know that you are one of many who struggle with anxiety. I’ve helped many clients like you in my counseling practice…MORE importantly, I’ve helped these people find freedom from the angst, worry and fear that controls their lives.


And, I can help you too.


How Do I know I Can Help You?


Because I know how hard life is for people like you. I’ve fake celebrity porn been helping people overcome symptoms of anxiety for 14 years as a therapist in the San Francisco area.


I’m a very compassionate and patient therapist. I’ll stick by you, support you and guide you until you resolve your problem with anxiety.


My work with anxiety goes beyond helping you manage your symptoms. I’ll help you get to the root of your anxiety and heal it. Once you do this, you’ll find that your anxiety will start to melt away. Yes, it can take some time, but my clients tell me over and over that is worth it. They tell how much better they feel and how therapy has changed their lives.


My goal is to make it worth it for you too.


What You Can Expect from Counseling:

  • You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease within yourself. You’ll discover tools for helping to comfort and calm yourself in challenging situations.
  • The constant negative chatter in your head will slow down and eventually stop. You’ll start to think more positively and feel more in control of your life.
  • Your relationships with others will improve. You’ll feel more comfortable in social situations and be able to participate in conversations more easily.
  • You’ll heart will feel more open. You’ll feel better about yourself and be more forgiving towards yourself.
  • It will feel like a whole new horizon has opened for you. You will be able to see possibilities for yourself that you never could have imaged before. You will feel much hopeful and even excited about your future.


Ready for a Life Free From Anxiety?


If you can answer yes to the points below, you are a good candidate for counseling to get help for your anxiety.


  1. You are tired of the struggle. Your motivation for getting help is strong. You want to make a commitment to have a better life.
  2. You’ve tried for too along on your own—and perhaps you’ve sought therapy before, but it didn’t help in the way you had hoped.
  3. You are seeking a lasting approach from a skilled and compassionate counselor who understands problems with anxiety and how to help people like you get over it.

If this sounds like you, contact me now and we can get started…