Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Nerve-racking!


Do You Wonder:

a“Why I am I so anxious?”

a“How can I worry less?”

a“How can I be less nervous?”

a“What can I do to feel less stressed out and frustrated?


If so, you are not alone!

Many people struggle for years without ever finding out how to stop fear, worry and anxiety from wrecking their peace of mind.

You are probably worn out and exhausted by stress in your life. Maybe you worry about things that are out of your control. Or, you might find yourself trying to avoid people and

You yearn to feel more secure, more confident and more capable.

Maybe you are :

  • Tormented by worry
  • Afraid to speak up
  • Constantly fretting about how you might look to others
  • Physically tense
  • Isolated from participating fully in groups
  • Confused, filled with dread,  or “scattered”


If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then keep reading…

Free yourself from anxiety, worry and tension.

Anxiety Disorder Help San Francisco San Mateo

Find your confidence and peace of mind.

anxiety counseling Bay Area

Through individual counseling, you can have:


  • Take effective action towards your goal
  • Speak with confidence
  • Have a clear mind and a celebrity porn pics calm body
  • Free yourself of unhealthy worry
  • Feel confident about yourself and your abilities
  • Thoroughly enjoy social settings


anxiety counseling Bay Area

You don’t have to go through this stress alone.

Counseling can help.


I have extensive experience in teaching key tools and strategies to people who have struggled with stress and anxiety. They are determined to find a way to answer the question, ‘How can I feel as good as possible in spite of it all?’.


What makes me different from all the other therapists?



• I have spent over twelve years of counseling training and experience with providing  therapy to singles and couples who have struggled with many of the painful issues that you may be dealing with right now.


• I am passionate about helping men and women find their way out of anxiety, insecurity and worry.  For the past ten years, I avidly pursued advanced clinical training.   I do this out of a love of learning and helping people


• My counseling approach is tailored to suit your unique needs.  We collaborate in every session to monitor your results and confirm that you are getting the results you want.


• My counselling approach is holistic and integrative. I view the whole of you in the context of your unique needs, values and history. This allows me to support you in accessing your inherent resources and strengths..

If you want to move beyond anxiety, stress and worry consider counseling.  Call today to get started!