Neurofeedback In San Mateo

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback. Biofeedback, is a treatment method that uses physical signs such as heart rate, or respiration for purposes of assessment and treatment.  

Neurofeedback is used to assess and train brain activity. The basic principles of how neurofeedback works are simple. Neurofeedback uses your brains brainwaves to provide you with useful information. 

During a neurofeedback training session, sensors detect your brainwaves so that we can see your brain in action. My computer compares your brain activity to targets or goals that you set. Sounds and images give you immediate feedback and tell you whether you are reaching your goal and when you are not.

It’s a simple method that teaches you how to quiet the brainwaves associated with, stress, emotional upset, low performance. It also helps you to increase brainwaves associated with calmness, comfort and easy focus. These states are often signs of optimal brain function.


Why Does Neurofeedback Work?

Physical exercises strengthen and develop specific muscles. Neurofeedback strengthens and trains the way your brain functions. The more your brain is exercised into reaching a new more comfortable, more efficient position, the better and stronger it gets at it.

In order for us to learn any new skill we need two things:

  1. accurate feedback
  2. practice

That’s what neurofeedback does.  

Your brain shapes your emotional health, psychological health and every system in your body,

Training your brain to better function better can have far reaching benefits. Neurofeedback has an excellent track record for symptom resolution over a broad spectrum of common psychological and brain-based conditions.

Neurofeedback is used:

  • to teach adults and children with ADD/ADHD how celebrity sex tape to calm and concentrate
  • to treat members people who have P.T.S.D.
  • to help those with Traumatic Brain Injury to recover lost functioning.
  • to assist adults and children on the Autistic Spectrum to regulate emotions
  • to help with sleep regulation and insomnia


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