Anxiety Skills Group Workshop San Francisco Bay Area


Are You Winning Your Struggle with Anxiety?

Do your dreams, plans and goals get sidelined because you feel too overwhelmed by tension or worry?
You might:
  • Suffer with anxiety attacks
  • Waste valuable time worrying
  • Feel embarrassed about how nervous you feel.
  • Avoid things, people or situations that make you tense
  • Be unable to let go of stress
  • Let fear stop you from doing or saying important things

You are not alone. I’d like to help!

If you suffer from anxiety, you spend a lot of time and energy trying to calm your body and quiet your worried mind. You struggle for peace of mind… Or you just suffer through.
What I know is that this can happen to the best of us, and most of us feel that way sometimes. It’s also possible to feel more confident and more in control.
Over the last 12 years, I’ve helped many people who’ve struggled with this issue. In my counseling practice with individual and in my workshops, groups and classes I have seen clients get results. I know there are specific tools that can help you conquer anxiety symptoms. There are key skills you can learn that will help you calm your body, and create a clear, alert and confident peaceful mind.
Call today and get started! You never have to be frozen by anxiety again.  You never have naked celebrities to avoid people or places just so that you can stay calm! You can feel good about yourself and confident about your abilities.

Feel as good as you can despite life’s stresses


Essential Skills For Anxiety Relief

Learn tools for:
  • Identifying and changing the “Anxiety Producing Mindset”
  • Discovering the unique purpose that your anxiety has
  • Stopping Worry and Obsession
  • Teaching Your Brain and nervous system to respond more calmly
  • Helpful  what to do when your anxiety gets triggered
  • Practical Ways to Embody Peace of mind and confidence
  • Science-based tools to calm the anxious body and worried mind
Develop a personalized wholistic toolkit that will lead you back to feeling confident, balanced and grounded.
The essential ingredients for progressing with your anxiety are focused on on this group. In a supportive group together we learn and practice:

Anxiety Treatment

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Based Skills That Can Help You Live a more balanced life and provide relief.

Anxiety Treatment

Call today to schedule your intake interview!

Intake interview is required before you are accepted into the group.

Our small groups (usually 6-7 members) are for you if you are determined to increase your peace of mind and confidence.

They are perfect for you if you know that you would like to learn to stop anxiety from dominating your life and need the skills to do it. 

Each week, we will meet in a group to track your progress, learn key skills, support you in staying focused, and cheer you on!

Learn Practical Anxiety Relief Tools and Techniques.

Additional topics include:
anger management

  • The #1 obstacle that can keep you from healing your anxiety
  • How the mind and body influence each other
  • Assertive communication skills
  • How you can get what you want more effectively
  • Discover your anxiety’s hidden message
  • Simple methods you can use to calm your body and clear your mind
  • Your anxious brain- basic neuroscience you can use

Enrollment includes:

Anxiety Treatment Bay Area

  • All the materials you need for group
  • Access to a private online discussion group. This online group provides you with additional support to help keep you focused between weekly group meetings.

What’s different about these groups?
Anxiety treatmentt

  • Our groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist who has spent the last decade specializing in this area of practice. 
  • An intake assessment interview is required. Our groups are screened. Clients who are not appropriate matches are not accepted into the group. The effectiveness of any group program is impacted by group cohesion. I make every effort to put together groups that are likely to function well.
  • Each group has 6-8 members. This is a small group setting. You have the opportunity to get lots of individual help and attention in the group.

What else is different about these groups?

  • The group members.  Clients are motivated to grow, heal and change. The groups are ongoing and the initial commitment is for a minimum of 14 weeks.
  • Our group members have anxiety that is causing them problems in their relationships. 
  • The groups are skills building therapy groups.  You’ll get quite a bit of “information” (i.e. articles, handouts, etc.)… You’ll also get skills you can use immediately
  • These groups are designed for active learners/ participants. Members have the advantage of learning from each other. 

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Looking forward to speaking with you!
Michael G. Quirke, MFT
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