Do You Struggle With Stress and Anxiety?

Anxiety Counseling Can Help You Find Your Confidence and Peace of Mind…

You Can Learn to Sooth your Mind and Calm Your Body.

If you are like many of us, stress and worry can get to be too much. You get worried and tense and have a hard time calming your body and finding a peaceful state of mind. Maybe there are things that you know you needn’t stress out about. …It’s just that sometimes you can’t stop it.     When you get worked up, it can be hard to calm your nerves. Even if you have some tools and techniques that you use, it can sometimes take a lot of work to feel calm Do You Struggling With Stress and Anxiety?There are effective ways to free yourself from anxiety’s grip. As an anxiety therapist, I help people like you overcome:

  • Worry …that you sometimes can’t turn off
  • Fear that something bad is going to happen-”the what ifs”
  • Panic attacks -where stress goes sky high. Your heart pounds and you feel trapped.
  • Social Anxiety-you dread social situations,dates , or work meetings because you get so out and worried about how you’re going to come across.

If your anxiety is chronic, it might even be affecting your sleep. Because it’s so hard on the body, it can also damage your immune system, and worsen other health problems.   If you are like many of my clients, you’re a hard working person. You are responsible, competent and capable in lots of impressive ways…But despite all your accomplishments you still find yourself struggling with worry, stress and tension. It could be that your anxiety is highbecause are facing some very real risks in your life; like receiving a frightening medical diagnosis or going through a sudden and unplanned change of life plans. Or it might be that your anxiety is more of an difficult emotional reaction to something you think shouldn’t shake you quite so much. Whatever the case is for you… When your anxiety gets going, it you might:

  • Struggle celebrity nude to calm yourself down, or distract yourself so you feel better
  • Feel self conscious about how you come across
  • Worry what could go wrong…even if you know it’s not likely
  • Get Indecisive-where you just go in circles, get stuck and can’t decide what to do
  • Feel insecure or self conscious-because you start judging yourself for being anxious.
  • Have physical problems: health related stress issues like GI problems, sleep difficulty, high blood pressure headaches, etc.

It’s Very Human to Struggle with Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Tension.

In fact, if your struggling with anxiety, you are not alone. Studies show that about 18% of the U.S. Population shares your pain and it shows up in a variety of ways.

Anxiety Counseling Can Effectively Help You Find Tranquility… And A Sense of Confidence

You can teach your body, your brain, and your nervous system to be calmer You can get to the underlying issues that keep your anxiety going You can change your anxiety baseline, so that you become a person who is more grounded, centered and balanced And more good news about anxiety:

Can I Help You Decrease Your Anxiety?

If you resonate with the 4 points below, you’re likely a strong candidate for entering counseling with me:

  1.  You want calmness and balance. Emotional well being is important to you, and so are healthy relationships. Just as other good people have healed their anger, you can too. In that spirit, you welcome learning, personal growth and change and want to be the best version of you that you can be.
  2.  You want some gentle, caring guidance and support…and you welcome it. You want to collaborate with and receive help from a seasoned and compassionate counselor. You can’t control this reaction yet. You’ve tried too many times to get your anger under control. You just haven’t known how…and you can.
  3. You value learning, skills building and self growth. Your insight tells you that it’s time for something beyond managing a crisis; it’s about growth, healing and cultivating emotional balance. To go beyond just “managing” your anxiety, you know you’ll need to do some work to grow past how your past has shaped you. You have some insight into yourself…and some curiosity about yourself and others. Whatever the deeper causes for your anxiety you want to heal them. You realize that “tucking things away” never really works and so you value the process and the goals of therapy, even if sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable.
  4. You are willing to invest time in yourself . To make progress with your anxiety you know that it will take commitment. That’s o.k. , because you are looking to develop, grow and transform yourself into someone who is aligned with your own highest values. You have realistic expectations about developing longterm, lasting growth and healing. That means you are looking for something more than a “quick fix” or a “magic pill” or “a few tools”…you’re looking to start with managing your anxiety so that you can heal it’s roots.

If you can relate to the following 5 statements, you have a very good chance of benefitting from working with me.   You’ve reached a point where you want some compassionate effective guidance… the help of a therapist who is seasoned at helping people get relief from anxiety.”       “Fixing” Anxiety Never Works…Healing it does.   What does that mean? I’ve seen so many people get stuck because they do everything possible to try to “get rid of” their anxiety. They avoid the people, places and things that make them anxious. The key obstacle to anxiety recovery is this avoidance. Sometimes we distract ourselves, even from our own experience, because it’s the only way we know how to feel better. “Mindflight”     You want to make lasting changes, not just get a quick fix   You want effective tools to calm your anxiety, so that you can deal with whats going on underneath.   You can get relief. There are things that work and we’ll start with that. It’s likely though, that your anxiety comes from someplace   Learn to regulate anxiety heal it’s roots.     You’re ready to move on in your life…to stop the endless wrestling match you have with anxiety…to find tranquility and a sense of peace.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You can get really caught up in worrying. Sometimes, you mentally mental spin about what might go wrong. When this happen, it can be hard for you to shut the worry off.
  • You sometimes avoid situations because you don’t know what to say or how you’ll react. You might be nervous about speaking, in fear of being rejected or criticized.
  • You might even have chosen a job where you don’t have to interact with people all the time.
  • Your mind ‘goes negative”. You know it’s unwarranted…you just can’t help thinking about what could go wrong.
  • Sometimes, when you’re anxious, you feel insecure. You can criticize yourself for what you’ve done…or what you didn’t do. You strive for perfection, but fall short every single time.
  • Sometimes your fears are so intense that your heart races and you feel stressed out or panicky…it can be so strong you feel as though you are going to die.
  • You wonder if you are just too sensitive…but you don’t know how to be any other way.
  • You might also suffer from depression and self-esteem problems because you are tired of the struggle…you feel trapped, hopeless and ashamed of your struggle with anxiety.

When the anxiety is really bad,you feel alone…like you are not welcome in the world. No one seems to understand. You sometimes feel like an “outside” looking in.     In spite of your struggles, you are ready to commit some time and energy to have the life you want.   If you can relate to at least some of the items in the list above, know that you are one of many who struggle with anxiety I’ve helped hundreds of clients like you in my counseling practice and in my Anxiety Skills Workshops since 1999.   (By engaging in this work, they’ve found freedom…) I’ve helped these people find freedom from the angst, worry and fear that controls their lives. And, I can help you too. (Deemphasizes you a bit, emphasizes the process.)

How Do I Know I Can Help You?

Because I know how hard life can feel when your anxious…I’ve experienced that myself, and I have helped hundreds, if not thousands of women and men who are in the same boat. I’ve been helping people find relief from symptoms of anxiety for 14 years as a therapist in the San Francisco area. I’ve always had a very personal interest in the subject, and avidly pursued extensive advanced clinical therapy training in the latest brain-based psychotherapy approaches that have been proven to help people with anxiety. My approach to therapy is ibased on the latest brain science,it integrative in it’s nature and wholistic.         3 Stage Approach To Healing Anxiety   We will custom-design a plan that will provide you will indispensible tools that will help you feel more in control.   Then, we’ll help you tune into yourself in a deeper way, so that you can heal it’s roots. I’m a very compassionate and patient therapist. I’ll stick by you, support you and guide you until you resolve your problem with anxiety. (I think this also can be deleted in favor of it coming through the text itself.) My work goes beyond helping you manage anxiety symptoms… I’ll help you get to the root of your anxiety and heal it. Once you do this, you’ll find that your anxiety will start to melt away. Yes, it can take some time, but my clients tell me over and over that is worth it. They tell how much better they feel and how therapy has changed their lives. (I think that your “I” is too forefront here, the way that “anger” was forefront on the old text on your anger management site. As a client, I’m wanting to see me as central and that I’ll be the center of attention. In relationship, but being focused on and “seen big”. That itself makes me feel safe and wanting to move towards you, rather than direct declarations of your skill. My English teacher used to say, “Show it, don’t say it.” Or maybe my writing instructor. Anyway.) My goal is to make it worth it for you too. What You Can Expect from Counseling: 1. It will feel like a whole new world has opened for you. You will be able to see possibilities for yourself that you never could have imaged before. You will feel much more hopeful and even excited about your future. 2. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease within yourself. 3. You’ll discover tools for helping to comfort and calm yourself in challenging situations. 4. The negative chatter in your head will slow down and eventually stop. You’ll start to think more positively and feel more in control of your life. 5. Your confidence in relationships with others will improve as you learn to reduce your anxiety . 6. You’ll feel more comfortable in social situations and be able to participate in conversations more easily. 7. Where before you felt shy or scared, you find yourself confident and feeling safer to love. 8.

Ready for a Life With Less Anxiety?

You can stop anxiety from running your life, stealing your confidence, shattering your sleep and robbing your of peace of mind. If you can answer yes to the points below, you are a good candidate for counseling to get help for your anxiety. 1.You are seeking a lasting therapy approach from a skilled and compassionate counselor who understands problems with anxiety and  knows how to help people like you overcome it. A peaceful mind and heart can be cultivated, despite how long you have been suffering from anxiety. You can achieve greater self-confidence and increased self-worth. You can have a better life. Don’t let your worries stop you from having a fulfilling life. You are tired of the struggle with anxiety. Your motivation for getting guidance and help with this is strong. You want to make a commitment to have a better life. 2. You’ve tried for too long on your own—and perhaps benefitted from therapy before, but it’s time to go a bit deeper… 3. If this sounds like the kind of life you want, contact me now and we can get started…     See myself as who I really am, someone strong, smart, capable and worthy. There is no danger, I am safe and everything is o.k.   I belong and people care about me.   I will know how to confron my obstacles.   Kindness. Big Hearted. Safe Harbor.   Love and Support seems unavailable.   Different levels of anxiety.   Easily Hurt because you are a sensitive soul.   Sensitive Heart.   Gentle Nature.   Find and Feel your natural stability and strength.   Feel strong.   Wisdom and perpective.     If you are like many of my counseling clients you are a good person who has struggled with worry and anxiety for far too long. There is a range of intensity and weather yours anxiety level is more chronic and low grade, or strong and disruptive to you, Sadly, some people struggle alone for years without ever discovering how to stop fear, worry and anxiety from snatching their peace of mind.   Many people who struggle with anxiety learn to find confidence and peace of mind.  With the right skills, you can liberate yourself from chronic anxiety, worry and tension. Research shows that counseling is extremely effective for getting past anxiety. In fact, a 1994 Consumer Reports study showed that 90% of consumers reported significant long lasting improvement as a result of their counseling. Counseling can help you learn skills to: Act effectively action towards your goal Speak with and feel confidence Clear your mind and calm your body Free yourself of unhealthy worry Experience confidence about yourself and your abilities Enjoy social settings Confidently rely on your skills, not just on pills Put your fears in their proper place And more good news about anxiety: You don’t have to go through this  alone. You can teach you your body and mind to be calmer. There are keys tools and strategies that can relieve your anxiety Learn the latest neuroscience -based anxiety reduction skills.   What’s different from other approaches to therapy? Anxiety treatment works especially well when it incorporates a holistic, integrative, and science- based approach. That’s how I work. Neuroscientifically based inteverentions 14 years of advanced clinical training and practice shape my approach Collaboratively designed therapy.   We decide goals and approaches together Skills based and depth oriented.  Most therapists favor one or the other.   I integrate both because it works better. This means that you can find relief and get to the roots of the problem. Move beyond anxiety, stress, fear and worry, call now to get started! Hi, my name is Michael G. Quirke.   As a professional counselor, and workshop facilitator, I have taught many clients how to uncover the natural confidence that lies underneath feelings of anxiety and insecurity.  I’d love to talk with you to see if I might be able to help you! Call today and schedule your complimentary phone consultation.  415 448-6763