Anxiety and Worry

Are fear and anxiety blocking your dreams?

They don’t have to!

Ways fear/anxiety shrinks your life:

  • Worry about small things
  • Afraid to speak up
  • Constantly fretting about how you might look to others
  • Physical tension- Jaw tightness, headache, G.I. problems
  • Blocks you from participating fully in celebrity sex tapes groups
  • Gets you confused or “scattered”
  • Can lead to feeling bad about yourself
  • Keeps you quiet about things you really need
  • Convinces you that you are different from others (In a bad way)
  • Keeps you from pursuing dreams and goals
  • Makes you stay silent
  • Make you keep the focus on other people
  • Robs you of your dreams
  • Freezes you and keeps you stuck
  • Makes you avoid opportunities

Did you know that research shows that therapy is extremely effective for getting past anxiety? In fact a  1994 consumer reports study showed that 90 % of consumer reported significant long term improvement as a result of their therapy .

Once you have the right strategies and the right tools, you can stop anxiety from stealing your life.

You can

  • Take action
  • Speak up effectively
  • Clear your mind and calm your body
  • Control your worry
  • Enjoy letting go of stress